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  • Equipment Review: Lodge 6-Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

    January 6, 2015
    lodge dutch oven | This American PlateI’ve been frequenting TJMaxx. Marshalls, Target and Wal-Mart over the past few months on a hunt for an affordable 6-quart enameled cast iron dutch oven (sometimes called a cocette). I really like using the ovens to slow cook beef and lamb and hearty stews, casseroles and soups. There are thousands of recipes available online for making all types of foods with dutch ovens including no-knead bread, popcorn, and desserts! They are versatile tools that can be used on the stovetop and in the oven. Last week, while ordering some items on Amazon, I decided to see if I could add a dutch oven to my order. I researched Amazon customer reviews and ordered the Lodge ... Read more »
  • Apples

    January 6, 2015
    apples | This American PlateProject 365 Photography Challenge – #6 My subject for today’s Project 365 photo are some small Honeycrisp apples that were in my kitchen. I need to hurry up and use them to make something. Perhaps some type of muffin or a simple apple pie for a late week/weekend treat. We shall see… We’re 6 days in for a year of photography.    How’s yourProject 365 photography going so far? Read more »
  • Dutch Oven + Chicken

    January 5, 2015
    dutch oven chicken | This American PlateProject 365 Photography Challenge – #5 Last night, my new Lodge 6-quart enameled cast iron dutch oven was delivered from Amazon. Yay! I have been wanting an affordable dutch oven that was a pretty color for a while, and this one seems to be what I was looking for all along. My first dish cooked in the dutch oven was Jamie Oliver’s Chicken in Coconut Milk.   Read more »
  • Raspberry Lime Flavored Water

    January 4, 2015
    Raspberry Lime Water | This American PlateDo you dislike drinking plain water? Are you trying to stay away from diet drinks or drinks sweetened with artificial sweeteners? If so, consider making your own flavored waters. I had two packages of raspberries in the fridge and wanted to use them in either a dessert or drink. After perusing Pinterest, I ran across The Yummy Life’s recipe for flavored water and decided to use one of the packages to make my own flavored water.   My flavored water is pretty much the same recipe as the Raspberry Lime Water recipe that I found on The Yummy Life. Steps Here are the steps that ... Read more »
  • Christmas Ornaments for Bakers

    January 2, 2015
    owl mixing batterProject 365 Photography Challenge – #2 I have a confession — I’m one of those people who hates to take their Christmas tree down. It’s so bright and cheerful, and the lights add a magical flair at night. But, alas, it’s January 2 and it’s time to take down the tree. But before I remove the ornaments and pack them away, I wanted to share two of my favorite ornaments with you. I have been working to collect fun and cute baking-related ornaments. These would also be good for others who love to bake.   NOTE: My new Canon 50mm 1.4 USM lens arrived ... Read more »