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  • Double Chocolate Pecan Pie

    January 17, 2015
    chocolate pecan pie | This American PlatePecan pie is a favorite at Southern restaurants, holiday gatherings and family get-togethers. The sweet, gooey dessert typically includes pecans, eggs, sugar, corn syrup, and a pie crust. Today, I’m sharing my Double Chocolate Pecan Pie recipe made in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday and his dedication to improving the lives of people. It’s been reported that as many Southerners, he enjoyed fried chicken, collard greens, and pecan pie. Dr. King’s leadership and courage reminds me of the importance of community service. From Selma to D.C., Dr. King was a doer and not just a talker just like many who dedicate their lives to strengthening their communities and ... Read more »
  • Photo A Day: Pecan Pie

    January 17, 2015
    chocolate pecan pie | This American PlateProject 365 – Day #17 Pecan Pie is a southern fave. Check out my recipe for Double Chocolate Pecan Pie… Read more »
  • How to Cook a Restaurant-Style Chuck Eye Steak

    January 15, 2015
    restaurant style steak | This American PlateChuck eye steak (different from chuck steak) is an inexpensive alternative to the popular ribeye steak. Also know as boneless chuck filet steak or boneless chuck slices, it comes from a cut of beef not too far from the ribeye. It’s not as flavorful or as tender as it’s neighboring ribeye, but if cooked properly, it can be delicious and tender. The best part is the price is almost a third of what you would pay for a similarly-sized ribeye steak! It’s best if you can get to your butcher or grocery store early to get the best cuts of chuck steaks. If you find a package ... Read more »
  • Chunky Tomato Soup

    January 14, 2015
    tomato soup | This American PlateProject 365 Photo #14 I’ve gotten behind on my photos, but I plan to get back on it starting today. Here’s a little photo of tonight’s dinner – chunky tomato soup and ham & cheese sandwich. Read more »
  • Raspberry Banana Ice Cream

    January 11, 2015
    raspberry banana ice cream | This American PlateThis vegan and paleo-friendly Raspberry Banana “ice cream” has no cream or added sugar. It has only 5 ingredients – bananas, raspberries, chopped almonds, cinnamon and pure vanilla extract. Read more »